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About Us

In partnership with 3D4Israel, Hamal 86 and Mayshav and hosted at a synagogue, our product is not only made in Israel - Mensch is Made BY Israel.

Reaching 10,000 units in the battlefield in 2.5 weeks a little after 07/10 war started, Mensch is made out of:​

  • Nationwide donated printed 3D model adapters by anyone with a 3D printer - we accept all amounts, big or small, PETG preferred

  • Donations (locally and internationally - non-profit) that purchase car USB chargers and parts

  • Assembled by incredible volunteers at the synagogue hosting our assembly line

  • Dispatched directly to soldiers on same-day-assembly

"Mensch" is a united Israel in one small product serving our soldiers.


Our Story

When the war started, I was looking for a charging solution for soldiers. The only option on the field was portable chargers. I wanted to provide an alternative.

I then engineered a cheap and easy solution by designing a 3D printed model adapter using basic materials that can be found in stores. With a rivet, copper wire, and a common phone charger, anyone can assemble a charger in 5 minutes.

At the start of the war, I was delighted to know that I was helping some soldiers charge their phones. But just a week later, a high-ranking commander contacted me and explained that our solution is "a battlefield game-changer", as it also charges tactical military equipment.


Since then, we understood the importance of the chargers, and how they save soldiers' lives.

Shaked Angress, Founder & System Integrations Engineer 

We are Mensch

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